Celebrities Are Sharing Their Quarantine Experiences, Some People Find It Offensive


Most countries with reported outbreaks of the coronavirus are recommending that people self-isolate. That means staying at home and not leaving unless it’s absolutely necessary. Like, if you run out of food or need to go for a quick stroll in the park for some exercise to calm down.

With more and more celebrities self-isolating, pictures of them during quarantine are circulating all over the internet. We have created a list of photos showing celebs enjoying themselves at home during the coronavirus outbreak and some other media sites have done the same, and it’s created a heated discussion online.

Some people are angry at these celebs for flaunting their wealth on social media. While others believe that there’s nothing to get mad about: these celebrities earned everything they have by working hard and pursuing their dreams. But what do you think?

Here’s what these pics look like.