Self-Proclaimed Idiot Hops Freight Trains Across New York

For a large portion of America’s history, trains have been a vital part of the way of life. Self-broadcasted blockhead Jeff Seal woke up one day and decided that he needed to go on a genuine train experience, so he chose to prepare for a train jump across New York State to Montauk on the edge of the water. 

man with helmet in dirt

Obviously, like most of our stunt heroes, he chose to wear a protective cap camera during the whole experience. What sights were he going to check out and what great pop ups were he going to get along the way, might we wonder? 

He began his journey a long time ago where he used to wait for the passing of the train and hoppity hop right onto it. Apparently, his previous attempts all ended up to be just an utter train wreck. Why, you ask? Well, let’s all find out together as he narrates how the whole thing went.

Just a reminder for our readers: Do not, and I repeat, do not ever think of trying this yourself.  

Now, get set to hop on a true heart pounding adventure of a lifetime!

Along the way of train hopping, Jeff experienced things that no other people could experience from simply sitting back at home and watching his adventure behind the camera. He took his leap of faith and the results were extravaganza. Anyone can simply pay for a skydiving experience or a plane ticket, but this experience needed to be self-made and driven by one’s own motivation. Trust me, it was totally worth it regardless of all the mess that he constantly placed himself into.

man who hopped on trains

The best things in life cannot be bought, and they mainly await us at the other side of our comfort zones. That was the case with Jeff, as he knew that the spectacular views are free, but needed a strong heart ready to set sail into the unknown. During one of his train jumping attempts, he got arrested and chose to take pictures of this special honorable moment for his fans to acknowledge the hazards of going on a train invasion.  

Hopping back to his first train jump trial to Montauk, he invaded the wrong train and ended up in the Bronx. What a disaster and failure to launch, leaving him with no choice but to go back home hopping a subway train’s door from the outside and freaking out the entire crowd there.

man jumping on back of train

Now, going back to the previous summer he tried to get to Montauk, everything was seemingly going smoothly until all of a sudden, he found himself left alone on an engine which had detached itself from the rest of the train leaving him midway and unsuccessful. He furiously took the road island railroad train back home, and set his mind to succeed this mission by trying it over and over again, until one day a cop showed up and caught him red-handed and accused him of trespassing. Luckily for him, he got off the hook with a simple warning of getting arrested in case of any future attempts being made.   

man holding onto a moving train

From all his previously failed attempts, Jeff had finally learned his lesson, not to quit of course, but to study all the aspects around him before commencing. First, making sure there’s no one in the proximity, then climbing a moving train like a sheer moron. Yet again, he got busted by a police officer and lost his dream of reaching Montauk. 

One thing’s for sure though, Jeff will continue to follow his dream, because as they say: “if you can dream it, you can achieve it.” Well, probably not in Jeff’s case, but it doesn’t hurt to keep trying!